Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hmmmmmm.......... I kind of feel like stripping off my clothes and running down the street nude.  I have this crazy desire for freedom today and somehow I can't imagine it without my lily white butt cheeks flapping in the wind. I can hear my neighbours now... "is that Tracy, or a rather large chunk of swiss cheese with two legs and what the hell is she doing!" 

Wouldn't you just like to be that crazy.  I would.  Of course on closer examination, somethings come to mind, like wouldn't running on the pavement hurt my pampered tootsies. And if I did run in bare feet, where have all the 100 plus dogs that walk thru our neighbourhood peed, as of course I would certainly like to miss stepping in those spots?  And it goes without saying that I am fairly out of shape, so if I wanted to sit somewhere to catch my breath, it's all pretty rocky and I may have a lot of junk in my trunk but that junk is sensitive to sharp things.

Then of course there is the problem with my boobs.  When I run, they thud against my midriff and I am concerned about bruising and not to mention I should probably shave first.  It's bad enough seeing this marshmallow jiggle her way down the street but add that with a couple of hairy legs, and I am sure that some of my neighbours may be blinded for life.

I may be romanticizing this ever so slightly as it sounded good when I first thought of it.  But, in actuality, what would probably happen is that I would start jogging down the street, step on a stone, twist my ankle, go backwards into a pot hole, break my tail bone and make the headlines of the local rag "Crazy woman tip toes thru the tulips buck naked and ends up with a broken ass".  Not quite how I wanted to be remembered in life.

Oh well, I guess I will have to settle for stripping down nude and running up and down my hallway while my dog chases me and my better half says "again honey, you definitely need to find another hobby".

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. LOL...I was so excited to consider that you might actually be running around naked in your neighbourhood...only to find you talked yourself out of crack me up..I think I've said that before but just in case you didn't get it the first time. ;-)

  2. Just let your spirit free... live the desire in your imagination :)

    You are so funny :D

  3. run naked, be free as a bird, just let your soul go girl!

  4. How did I miss so many posts dear nut friend? LOL Ok honestly where in the world do you come up with this stuff. I for one have ran naked when it was poring rain last summer. I went on the grass in front of the river onto the patio and twirled around and around. Randy took a pic.... I just about killed him. It was very if you get a chance DO IT : )
    BTW I also shower outside, yeah I do. It looks like that barber shop place in my back yard hehe Now I'm running to check out what else I've missed.
    Love it
    and you

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