Monday, January 24, 2011


The things that are going bump in the night are starting to drive this girl batty.  For those who don’t know, I work in a haunted building.  An old Church, to be exact, that has been converted into offices.  Long lost is it's former glorious original charm, only to be replaced with screaming 70's interior decor.  Hang a disco ball, play some Bee Gee’s music and John Travolta could call it home.

Almost eleven years of working here, and I can say that I have often made peace with those who seem to live here in a shrouded form.

Usually calm and collected from my frequently and reluctantly received ghostly visits, last Friday was a reminder that even the most accepting individual of unexplained incidents can come close to peeing her big girl panties when presented with a scary moment.

Once again, I had closed up the office and waited in the downstairs foyer of the building for my better half to pick me up.  I had turned off all the lights in the building including the foyer light so that cars rushing up and down the street would not see me standing there thru a glass pane in the door.

It was, unfortunately, a big mistake.  As soon as I clicked that light switch off, I instantly heard my office chair rolling around on the floor above me.  And if that wasn't enough, filing cabinets were being opened and slammed shut at an alarming rate.  Sounds of running up and down my office hallway had me quaking at the knees.  Knowing that the building was empty and my office was alarmed, only confirmed the fact that my ghostly counter parts were having a Friday night party at the expense of my instantly greying hair.

It took all my strength to remain in the building until I was picked up.  With blustery weather and torrential rains, I weighed my option of standing outside and getting soaked to the frightening sounds above me.  Deep chanting of “come on honey, come on honey, come on honey” did nothing to soothe the multitude of fine little hairs standing on the back of my neck.

And, as if someone heard my pleas, my better half arrived.  In a matter of a second, I was out the front door and running across the street shrieking like the banshee I can be.

Sitting in the car, my better half and I witnessed a spectacular light show from my office on the top floor. Lights flicking on and off thru the entire office, left us both paralyzed with fear and wondering where the nearest drug store was for a purchase of adult size diapers.  And then in a blink, it all stopped.

Can you say future Ghost Hunters episode?  Because I can!

Until Next Time.


  1. Maybe you're being haunted by the ghost of Robin Gibb. He, sadly, wasn't "Stayin' Alive."

  2. that is way too freaky for me, i could never work somewhere like that!

  3. Wow! Talk about an office nightmare!

    I often think this house has a ghost in it. I often find my sweet pea's playroom light flicking off and on, when we are all in the living room (opposite end of the house).


  4. OMFG!!! That post sent chills down my spine.
    I don't think I could work in a place like that either!!
    Good that your partner witnessed it too though - nothing worse than being the only one to see something & then having them not believe you!
    So, when you go back to work, is everything back in its place as you left it??
    Oh man, that is so freaky!!

  5. Can't you just leave some ghost traps around?

  6. I tried to set some traps George, but they "vanish" before I get them out! Darn!

  7. Oh dear lady.....YOUV'E GOT TO BE KIDDING HERE....and if you are for real...I think I would try and find a new place to work. (O:(O:



  8. It's haunted where my husband works too. One night he was telling me about lights turning on when he turned them off and no one else was there. Doors slamming shut and fuse boxes being opened.
    I have read that ghosts like electronic things.
    Glad I wasn't there. I would have peed myself.

  9. That is just too spooky! Glad you are okay. I would. have. peed. my. big. girl. panties:)

  10. Wow, that is SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! Experiencing something like that would be awesome!

  11. Freaky Friday! That would be enough for me to be looking for a new, ghost free, job.

  12. Loved the first comment! hahahaha!

  13. Holy Crappers! You would not get me near that building!

    BTW, thankyou SO much for your kind comment on my post. (Hugs Back)

  14. I probably would have wanted to pee my pants, too. But, I would have turned on the light again, and gone up the stairs, and acting all brave, shouted at "it" to stop! Then when I came to my senses, I would have run out of the building. I always think I'm not really seeing/hearing what I am, so I have to investigate. I've watched too many damn ghost shows.

  15. "Are they friendly spirits?"
    "Friendly? Just listen!"

  16. Call Ghost Hunters! lol Wow, that would scare me half to death! I'm not sure how you stayed in the building at all . . . I would have taken my chance in the rain.

  17. i cant IMAGINE the strength it must have took you to stay inside the building!!! and yeah, you should call ghost hunters like ASAP!!!

  18. OMG...That`s f*****g CREEPY !!!!
    Reminds me of some strange night two days ago. I was sleeping (or at least I really do hope I was!) and dreaming of someone standing right beside my bed (well, didn`t look too healthy with that strange greenish skin colour...)Well, in that dream I was awake, but waking up at my door with the lights already turned on, I gladly realized I wasn`t...Woohaa, that was some mindf****g basterd of a dream, considering me screaming, jumping out of bed and runninng towards the door while still sleeping...
    I´m such a coward when it comes to ghosts, wether in films or reality, I could never ever again set foot in such a creepy haunted place like the one you work at...

  19. Holy crap that would be so freaky! I've never had such a drastic encounter and I have to admit I'd be really curious to see it. I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been. But to be in the presence of something soooo Other would also be an intriguing life experience. Then again, I don't have to deal with it constantly.

  20. Hmm, I guess if I was forced to haunt a place stuck in the era of polyester, I might take it out on the poor people forced to work there, too.
    "Oh you like disco, huh?! Well here, have a supernatural light show!!!"

  21. I am a huge fan of "GhostHunters" and I would call them up in a second! Have you ever found out any of the history of the church, like the name of a minister. Maybe you could have a "chat" and ask them to wait till you have left for the day before they have their fun....or maybe scaring you is their fun!!!
    Here in our little town we have some OLD buildings that are used for government offices now and they are supposed to be haunted. I was in one early one morning and sitting with the secretary when we suddenly felt a cold wind in her office and then one of the chairs started to roll slowly across the floor. I stood up ready to beat a hasty retreat but she just laughed, oh yeah, she had seen stuff so often around that building that she was used to it. Her only complaint, the ghosts never helped with the office work, just fooled around with chairs and cabinets.
    Tina xo

  22. Holy Crap... literally.... I couldnt work there! :)

  23. OMG! I think that would be awesome to experience something like that! The house I grew up in is haunted, but no where near that. And I love Ghost Hunters so I would definitely try to get them to come investigate. Since it's an active haunt, you've got a shot of them coming!

  24. I remember another story you told awhile back about those "visitors" in your office building.
    First---I'd check you benefits package and make sure you are covered for any ghost injury related incidents.
    second......I might just have to quit.
    OR.......have disco music ready so you can join the part-ay

  25. Ever since you first wrote about the haunted office I always think of you when I watch Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures. As much as I would like to say 'd LOVE to actually see something like that for myself out of sheer curiosity, I really think I'd pee myself before the lights even went off.

  26. That is so freaking scary!! I wouldn't last there either! I am such a scardeey cat, I can't even make it through a horror movie! You are a brave soul for co-exisiting with these ghosts! I agree with everyone else, call Ghost Hunters!

  27. I myself have a couple scary stories:

    One night at my Dad's house, I was hanging out with my friend Randy. We were smoking a cigarette outside. My Dad was out with his girlfriend that night, and left his car at the house. She came and picked him up a couple hours beforehand. We were about to head inside, when my Dad's car alarm went off. At the same time, the doors locked and unlocked rapidly, the headlights turned on and off, and the trunk popped open. Now, for those of you who don't own a Volvo S70 Turbo, the trunk has hydraulics, meaning you have to actually lift the trunk for it to open. Needless to say, Randy and I ran up the stairs to my Dad's apartment pretty fast.

    Secondly, my Dad's apartment is literally above a garage that belonged to his landlord. His landlord had a house that was probably twenty feet from the garage, and he never stayed in the actual house because he owned three others. On Halloween night, for fun, my brother and a couple of my friends got drunk and went inside the house. I was pretty hot thanks to the alcohol coursing through my veins, so I took my shirt off before we went inside. When we came out after the grand tour, my brother said there were scratch marks on my back. NOBODY TOUCHED MY BACK THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE IN THERE!

  28. Found you from Robin.

    Oh man, I LOVE ghost stories! That one is CRAZY! I would of been freaking out!

    I don't think my house is haunted but I was surprised last night that my 8 month old daughter woke up screaming last night. I went to her room and her light was on.

    She didn't do it. Her two year old brother can't reach it. Hmmm....

  29. ghost do exist but it depends on one's belief whether they accept it or not. by the way get yourself out from there.


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