Monday, January 10, 2011


Staring out the window of my office, my eyes numbingly gaze at the grey dreary light of winter.  The only speck of colours I see are from various vehicles traveling up and down the street and even they are dulled by the gritty kiss of the road.  The sky blends into the roof tops and I am openly searching for the warmth of the sun.

The west coast weather is unpredictable per usual.  Beautiful blue skies one day, oppressive dark mood altering skies the next.

The colour, grey, makes me tired and fatigued.  And I fight my desire to hide beneath the warmth of my cozy duvet. 

I am counting down the hours until I am home where I will literally undress as I am walking thru the door in a search for my warm-filled pajamas.  I am longing to turn on the fireplace and stretch lazily out on my couch where my lovely pooch will snuggle upon my chest and we will blissfully doze together only to be disturbed by volume changes on the ever annoying television.

My better half will flop down beside us and we will sit contentedly together exchanging only a few moments of verbiage.

Undoubtedly, I detest this time of the year as it adds to the difficulty in keeping my uneven moods above water.  I spend the majority of the year struggling to resemble the person I was before chronic pain entered my life, compound that with dreary weather and I am unsure why my better half does not detest my presence.

I count through the months like a game of hide and seek, and hope that when I reach the number 10 and turnaround, spring will be blooming it’s magnificent foliage of colour.  Glorious spring with it’s beautiful flowers heavy in blossom and drenched in their own delicate perfume.  I cannot wait to observe the bees madly buzzing through my lavender, ladybugs landing on my cherry blossom tree, the honeysuckle sprouting forth and soft blue skies with pillow like clouds. I long to hear the Robin singing her beautiful tune with various other birds lyrically answering her call.  The thought of sitting on my bench gazing into nowhere on a cool spring evening as my neighbourhood goes silent, sends thrilling chills up and down my spine in anticipation. 

I seem to come alive with every flower that awakens.  My soul is bursting and I want to cornily break out in song.  Dress me up like Maria Von Trapp and I am sure that I will belt out “The Hills Are Alive.”

Oh yes Spring, you are my very favourite season.

And oh how I await your arrival.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches.


  1. You paint a beautiful picture here.

  2. LOVE your new header. It's so you Tracy.
    I think you should MOVE OUT OF B.C. It rains there ALL THE TIME, even in Spring, summer winter what ever season. I couldn't stand it after 12 years.
    Now with Randy's fibro crap, I can't even imagine living there. Don't get me wrong it's beautiful, but it's just a little too much heaviness in the air all the time.
    Thanks for your address. Don't get too excited now, it's just a little something from my little fingers to your heart.

  3. I too long for spring. But it's mostly because I hate the cold, and spring means summer is coming.

  4. I know what you mean about spring. It's such a glorous time of the year, when the gardens explode into a ton of fantastic lushness. I think your better half love you too much to detest anything about you...whats not to love. Your spirit outshines many.

  5. its very nice post :) i agree w you

  6. Couldn't agree more. I hate winter with a passion. I count down the days until March 21, maybe we can count them down together. B.C. sounds like heaven in the Spring, you're lucky to have all those colors.

  7. I am anxious for spring, too; and then I wonder--am I wishing my life away?

  8. I can't wait for Spring either! It makes me happy!

  9. Does this mean you have changed your mind? And you know what I am talking about

  10. Autumn is my favourite season but like you, I'm looking forward to Spring. Though over here, there's no guarantee it will be warm!



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