Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am having a party on my blog for you, my fellow bloggers, in the hopes that
  • you can all meet each other,
  • check out each other's blog, 
  • get to know each other,
  • and hopefully click one or two follow buttons. 
Nope, you don't have to bring anything but yourself, a little diddy about your blog and your blog site! 

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezies!

For the next 24 to 48 hours, I am handing over the keys to my digs! Yup, that's right! This party is for EVERYONE. And I mean everyone. From beginner bloggers to seasoned ones, from those without followers to those with thousands. Everyone is invited.

Here's the house rules:
  • Leave a comment to this post with a small description of what your blog is about along with your blog address;
  • Be kind and come back periodically and check out other blogs and their addresses: and
  • Meet and greet and support each other.
And when you're said and done, please leave your dirty dishes by the sink, turn off the lights and lock the doors!  What?  I'm not your mother for gawdsakes!  Pick up after yourselves! :)

I so can't wait to come and meet you all too!

Oh, and why am I doing this you say? Because, sometimes we all need a little help from our friends, and every single one of you deserve to be read, appreciated and followed!

Oh, by the way, stay out of my underwear drawer while you are here! I don't want to hear about any of you running thru my place with my delicates on your heads!

And for gawd sakes, don't be shy!  Now go... meet.... mingle.... be merry! Well not too merry. Oh what the hell, be SUPER MERRY!


PS If you have other blogger friends who wish to meet other bloggers, tell them to come and post here too. They don't have to follow me. This party is for everyone!


  1. Oh my word. How awesome! I LOVE PARTIES!!! Yay! I brought my own vodka!! Oh and can I just put this spinach dip on the table? Can I use one of your plates??

    Well, to follow your house rules here is the link to my blog.

    I write about life, and love and more love and living a life big and out loud. I love to write about love mostly and living an inspired life. I love to feature guest bloggers on Fridays (any and all can email me at cinderitaadventures @ gmail (dot) com if they wish to be a guest blogger in the future. Especially for all you newbies. I'm happy to send a little love your way.


    I'd love to have you stop by and visit. If I know you stopped by , I can come and check your out blog too.

    Oh my word..this is the best party EVER already! (hee hee)


  2. Ok. I will go first. My blog is about my life. And my life is normally funny.

  3. Well heck, I'll join the party, too. I brought some Bud Light and brownies. Help yourself.

    My blog is:

    It's pretty much about my life, observations, recipes, books, running, and everything a 44 year old single--in--a--relationship but not married and no kids woman would write about.

    I love Average girl in a non-sexual, dear friend that I've never met way. Party on!

    Hey, Cinderita, haven't I met you before?! Love the dip.

  4. This is an awesome idea!! I just started following your blog a few weeks ago, and already it's in my top ten! :) Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    The life and times of ME! Sunny Dee. I blog about a little bit of everything, but I always try to look for the positive side, a little bit of sunshine in a craptacular world.

    I have a passion for putting others first, (which I've been told can be a weakness) and I'm most happy with myself when the ones around and important to me are happy. I'm very upfront, bold, open, and painfully honest. Sometimes people have to take a step back when they first meet me, but I only have the best intentions. I'm kinda' the "what you see is what you get" type gals.

    Thanks again, AG.

  5. I love parties. Where's the cake? I have two blogs, but deciding which one should be retired. Maybe you can help me decide... is mainly photos, and even some lessons (when I actually take the time to listen) is my exciting expat life, and my travels.
    Both have the same latest post; I got a gig on the radio the other day and I wanted to make sure ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY KNEW!
    now... Can someone get me a drink and a party blower?

  6. hi, my name's sherilin. and i'm an alcoholic.
    wait, wait, wrong party. sorry.
    i exist to make others feel more comfortable with their flaws because my own are so apparent. feel free to visit & let me recount the numerous ways in which i've experienced the funny & ridiculous things in life. beware, poo stories and motherhood seem to be frequent topics. unfortunately, the poo stories have nothing to do with my kid.

    now everyone go give tracy a squeeze, right on her butt. it might help work that knot out if enough of us get in on the action. GOOSE!

  7. How's everyone doing? I am new to the blogging world and am enjoying using my blog to express my random thoughts. The main goal of my blog was to chronicle my adventures of turning into a vegetarian but it's also got a little about what's going on in my life as well.

    Come visit me so I can visit you as well!

  8. This is such a great idea...I love parties! Just keep the crab puffs away from me. *GAG*

    I'm The Frisky Virgin--I'm a 32. I know, I know, it's not the norm. I've heard it all--some supportive, some not so supportive (i.e. downright cruel). But, I am who I am, and I am what I am (how very Popeye of me)--I'm waiting for LOVE. Nothin' less. It just hasn't found me yet...or it's avoiding me (God forbid).

    My belief: I'm either under some fairytale-like enchantment or some seriously sick curse. I'm on a journey to discover just which one it is--and if it's a curse, you can bet I'm tracking down the S.O.B. who cursed me and go all Buffy on him.

    If you'd like to see what life is like as a virgin dating in her 30s, trying to find love, while trying to slay stereotypes, stop on by. I can't wait to meet you!

  9. All of us are going to have a great time.
    I'm three months old in this blogging world and I'm enjoying every minute of it!
    In my blog, I write about the stuff that happen after consenting to an arrange marriage and everything in between. Yes, that's right! My parents are gonna decide for me whom I should make love for the rest of my life!

  10. Thank you for the invite, Average Girl - and the advice ;-) And hello to everyone! I brought some chocolate layer cake to pass around!

    I got the crazy idea during the holiday season to challenge myself - by blogging EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR!! Yeah, like I said, crazy! So far I have been able to keep it up. Yay me, lol :-)

    My topics aren't anything special (from my perspective). Just whatever happens to be on my mind at that particular moment. Some funny, some boring as h***, occasionally a little personal.

    The overall design is still a work in progress, am hoping to have it set how I want soon. Stop by if you have the chance.

    It's nice to meet everyone, hope to see you all around!

  11. I love parties! This is a great idea AG!

    In keeping up with the rules:

    My blog is like a rollercoaster. Sometimes it's up and sometimes it's down and sometimes it stays somewhere in between. Definitely fast and definitely fun! I write about my quirky life, my sometimes non-existent love life, and on being single. I also throw in short stories or essays or poems for kicks. Depending on my mood. Would love you to drop by and visit. Who knows, you might like it! :)

  12. Oh man...All that girl's gotta say is she's a virgin and everyone's gonna go running over to get her a drink. LOL!

    So fun! Hey..but where are all the men? Oilfield is in his glory!

  13. Very cool Average Girl!

    I'm a pretty laid back earthy kind of dude who isn't afraid to admit I get geeked out about comic books, video games, and just about anything science fiction. I also tend to make critical, yet humorous (I try) observations about popular culture and the world around him.

    My blog also includes two weekly series I try my best to keep up on:

    1. Thursday is tracks night: I really dig music and appreciate a variety of music stylings. A weekly music track that happens to be the feature of my weekend playlist may be the new track that makes you tap your foot and bob your head like yeah.

    2. Foto Friday: I enjoy taking and sharing photos that create a multitude of meanings and potential captions. The co-creation of meaning behind an image is also very cool.

    Drop on by. Won't you be my neighbor in this blog-o-sphere?

  14. Hi! I'm Alittlesprite aka Shannon. I'm a newbie to blog world. My page is basically my ramblings inserted with various humour. Also my art, crochet, poetry, photos, photo edits and my big hairy kitty Moby makes an appearance to (mostly with reluctance). Find me here:

    Do come and visit and I will return the favour.
    *HIC!* “Hey! Is this punch spiked?”
    *staggers out the door*

  15. *sees Chocolateangels' layer cake and staggers back in*


  16. Alittlesprite, That's homemade chocolate cake, b.t.w.!

    I love to bake!

  17. CHOCOLATE? DID SOMEBODY SAY CHOCOLATE????? Here...Hold my Vodka...

    Don't let runawaybride get her hands on it. I think she's filling the bottle with vodka with each drink.

  18. HELLOOOOOOO!!!! who left the piece of pizza on my couch! Good lord, I walk away for 30 minutes and my place is a disaster!

    Hey, can someone pass me Rita's vodka... I think I need a shot!

  19. Bahahahah! See I've had enough to drink it seems. I meant to say "I think she's filling the bottle with WATER" aghahahahahahahahaahahahaha

  20. Hi I'm Carole and I am sure I'm older than all of you! What a fun party idea!

    I started my blog about 2 months ago and am on a steep learning curve. My blog is As you can probably guess by the name it's a blog about my art, my studio, and my life as an artist.

  21. Wait until I light the candles...I brought extra, just in case someone had beans for lunch- now for the food I brought, all finger foods, good to eat while blog surfing! I see that I will be visiting each party guest!

    When I blog, or when I think I have something worthy of blogging, you can find me at My blog is about nothing at all and once in a while I even put up a picture of what's going on from my front porch.

    Tracy is the peaches for doing this, just a swell idea and party!

  22. As long as there isnt yellow cake, im game!

    Well i write about a little bit of everything from a teenage (non-whiny) view. Sometimes i add pictures and writings from my imagination.

  23. Oh and hey, another dude representing the...well, dudes.

  24. All I can say is you have great friends! I've gone down the list so far having a great time meeting people.

    My blog is titled 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There). The title is pretty self explanatory. I hope y'all enjoy it. Here is the link.

  25. Woo hoo - yet another way to make my blog-reading-addiction go even MORE out of control.

    My blog is about me and I am currently in the middle of a "30 days of randomocity" where I have themes I write about daily. I hope this gets me into a blogging habit!

  26. *hic*

    hey..has anyone seen my shoes?

  27. ooh, i LOve parties!!!!!! you totally made my day average girl!!
    hmm, let's see, my blog is
    And! It has all kinds of randomness. there really isn't a theme to it, I think about waaaay too many things!
    A feature i have on there is Mexican Music Fridays, cuz I want to show how diverse it is, and i'm also working on a few other ones!! My blog is a work in progress!

  28. Hey all! I'm Lena aka Ladydayton :) my blog is I just started on New Years day. As of right now it's a photo blog. I was challenged by a friend to do 365 days of photos. But my real passion is music, sooo all of my posts are titled with lyrics and linked with that song. I'm hoping it turns into more :) Looking forward to getting to know you all! Love, Peace and Taco grease ;)

  29. Hello everyone!
    I'm actually a teen blogger who shall remain nameless- I know, cliche. But if you want to know how life is like for a saucy and optimistic teen, check my blog out. Proceed with caution though, I get annoyingly emotional and angsty.
    I write about everything from my non-existent love life to friend drama. Sounds quite boring, but I promise it gets better.

  30. sorry, rita, i was wearing your shoes. here.
    now where's my, my, my, damn, too much vodka & i can't even remember what i was looking for.

  31. What a cool party, so many interesting people to meet! Thanks average girl for hosting it!
    I brought some cupcakes and some cookies, I hope you'll like them.

    I write a blog Spanish... so if you speak Spanish (which happens to be my mother tongue since I am from Argentina) and want to pass by, I'll be happy to greet you at

    I write about my life abroad and about my travels. I have lived in 3 continents so far (America, Europe and Africa) and traveled around as much as I could. I am currently based in Cyprus and I have no idea where the Universe will take me next!

    I hope to see you there and in the meantime, please save me a piece of that gorgeous chocolate cake! WHAT? YOU ALREADY EAT IT ALL???? Oh well... ;)

  32. Well I'm hoping theres some of that chocolate cake around somewhere - it seems rather crowded here so it could be anywhere. A little bit of bubbly would be nice or even a drop of white wine if theres nothing else lol
    My blog is about anything and everything that enters my mind - some days its words, could be thoughts or jokes, could be anything - could be photos (we travel a bit) some memes here and there - you might see something about the area I live in (foothills of the Dandenongs east of Melbourne yes, thats right, down here in Australia)but what you do get is a look at my life.
    Now could someone turn that racket down - I can't hear myself speak.
    Take care Tracy - see you soon and anyone else who'd like to drop by Still Waters

  33. WOW! what a cool idea! I'm so glad you thought of this :) Leeet's paartaay :P


    This blog is about writing in English, as an addition to a company that we (my friend and I) are starting out on. We plan to run courses to groups and individuals who learn ESL - English as a second language - and also organise weekends where we meet up to use this language :) I'm from Poland, bought up in South Africa.


    no. 2 is a separate venture, it is somewhat a place where I can talk about myself ;) (some things are not appropriate on the main blog)
    Here I plan to talk about goals that I wish to reach, makes notes and report back "to myself" what I have done so far to reach it/them.

    Hope that wasn't too long :) now let me start from the top :) my goal for today - go through all the blog mentioned here :) yeeeey!

    PARTYY ON!! :)

  34. Thanks for the party invite. Hello everyone, I'm Lynne from Scotland.

    I've brought some whisky, although I don't drink it myself after getting pissed as a fart on it at the age of 18 and being sick for days! So not good.

    My blog is called The Giggle Fest mostly because I like to laugh, a lot, and I aim to include it in my day at least 20 times. It's not all funny, in fact it is a bit up and down because I have a son who is very disabled and life can be a bit of a rollercoaster with lots of ambulance rides and hospital stays.

    I write mostly about whatever is going on in my head at the time or just wee stories about my daughter, friends, my life before caring.

    I hope you drop by and say hello and I will be dropping by your blogs too over the weekend.

    This party is a brilliant idea! Sláinté

  35. Hey, I'm the shy guy who's hiding in the corner with the rum and coke.

    Name's Chris and you'll find me at Tilting at windmills. A guy, his dog, their lady friend, and stuff about sports, politics, stupidity, work, faith, and a LOT about walks with the dog (when it ain't so cold). Oh and a weekend feature where I go back to this date in (currently) 1976 and relive the music I grew up on called "step into my time machine".

    Oh, and sorry about the underwear drawer. I promise I'll put them back.


  36. Being a vodka club soda kinda of girl I of course brough it along an a cooler full of ice to boot....what no limes? No problem I'll run to the store....

    Anyways my blog is it follows the life of me. I usually discuss travelling, my dreams, my life, etc. Sometimes funny, sometimes short, sometimes frustrating. It goes from dealing with acromegaly and brain surgery to the funny things my kids Sunday Smiles and Wanderlust Wednesday's and pretty much everything in between. So come on over to my blog for the after party! :)

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Hi Everyone. I'm Haven and I'm new here.

    I have a really comprehensive blog called Beyond The Borderline Personality. My goal for this blog is to help people really understand what it is like to have a Borderline Personality Disorder amongst all the other disorders I, and those like me, deal with. To see beyond the label and really understand the person behind it. I constantly update it and hope to provide an insightful look into BPD. Please join me and provide feedback or topics you'd like me to cover. I really appreciate it.

    Beyond The Borderline Personality (Blogspot) -

    Thank you so much,

  39. Arriving fashionably late, enters CBG


    scans the party for new faces and then goes and takes a peak......

    where do I go first, maybe I'm not fashionably late after all?

    Come and introduce yourself to me over at:

    I rant and rave and tell it like it is. Depending on my just may stick around!


  40. CWMartin! Don't worry about running out of rum...I brought some Sailor Jerry! I also brought ingredients for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups; what's that, you say? Buttershots, Frangelico, and Godiva Chocolate Liquor! And for you hippy types, some space cake!

    Morning, folks. I'm Jon, and is where you can find me. I do movie and video game reviews, and write mostly about my life. I usually use vulgar language, and talk about the things I hate about humanity...especially tourists! No offense to anyone who lives outside the US. On Saturdays, I do "free-writing" posts to work on my writing skills, because as of now, I'm in the process of writing a book! Wonderful to meet you all!


  41. Cool idea! My blog started out a "challenge" for myself. After being in a 3 year domesticated relationship, I figured it was time to find me again. So I started doing things that I wouldn't have done had I had a boyfriend.

    Until recently. When the ex and I are started talking again.

    Currently, it's now pretty much me trying to navigate my way through love and dating. With a few things thrown in there for good measure that have absolutley nothing to do with my relationship :)

    Come over and take a peek!


  42. As IF I forgot to add my blog site!

  43. Absolutely love your party! Thank YOU!!!

    I’m just the average run of the mil mom of 6 who has hit midlife. My blog topics vary so much depending on the day or week. It started out about celebrating my age and all the new adventures that come with growing older. It has evolved into whatever happens to be on my mind and I actually have time to sit down and write about. If you come by be sure to read the “Thanks for Stopping By” to learn more.

    I am so excited to meet some new blogger friends!

    Life is worth living and worth living joyfully! Happy Living everyone!

  44. What an awesome party! I love this... I brought some white grape vodka and a little cranberry juice - if someone would like to try a "Grape-Cape".

    I had started blogging a few months back because I was basically in a life rut. I'm 26 - I graduated college 3 years ago with my Master's in Elementary Education and it has been near impossible to find a job. I also had a whole bunch of drama happening with my family. So - I needed a release. I needed a place to vent and people who would listen. So I started my blog mainly just writing about myself and my issues. But I have tried really hard to take all of the negatives and in my life and turn them into positives. Regardless of what is going on I try really hard to send positive energy out into the universe. Come check me out!


  45. OMG THIS IS SO !@#$ING AWESOME!!! =D I BROUGHT TEQUILA!! Who wants to start doing shots with me?! =D

    *slings back shot*

    I love how many of the blogs are just about people's lives. They are my favorite ones to read.~ ^_^ I can't wait to check them out throughout the day!

    AverageGirl, you are such a sweetheart to do this for everyone!!!~♥

    This is my blog: Tapetum Lucidum
    It's mostly about my life and the airhead things I do, but I also share my fiction and poetry on there, and occasionally review books that I've found have helped me with my writing.

    Despite my enthusiasm, I'm actually pretty shy until I know someone, so I'm VERY excited to get to know some new people. =D

  46. Holy sticks!

    Well, about me - I'm 29 as of about a month ago. I'm in a relationship that is forever and we are moving in together at the end of February (insert scared noise here). I live in Minnesota, USA (currently a tropical 23°F). I leave in a few days for Hawaii (so I won't be posting much for that week and a half) - I love to take pictures (I have a Nikon D60). I like to drink wine and dirty martinis. I also love to eat and I'm TRYING to become better about cooking at home and not eating out.

    I blog about my life and the randomness that I think about. I don't blog about religion or politics (unless it's about my lack of understanding both topics). I post pictures of places I go and things I do.. and my nieces (because they are cute as hell).

    Blog Name: Football, Sushi, and The Pursuit of Happiness
    Blog link:

    If nothing else, stop by over the next month to see some of the amazing photos I hope to bring home from Hawaii.

    PS. cute undies, Average Girl ;)

  47. Hey i just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. I had to create a blog a few weeks ago for a college class. However my blog is not on blogspot :( We were required to put it on weebly. So if your interested check it out, it is
    I'm currently writing about my life dealing with scoliosis and answering people's question, but i plan on continuing on and talking about other things as well.

    I love your blog and thanks for inviting me to the party haha YAY PARTY!

  48. Cool idea!

    My blog is full of big ol' wisdom nuggets, freshly squeezed and ripe with brain nutriments.

    That is the absolute best I can do to describe it.

  49. Great Party, Average Girl!! :D :D I got some choco-chip cookies..

    Find me at
    That's where I talk about all the other crazy stuff that life throws at me.. :\ :P

    Now... Where's that chocolate cake?

  50. Ohh, I'm hope I'm not to late for the party. I was pre-drinking at my place and got a little carried away.

    Hey all, ladies, Trash, sup (we've met).

    I'm "Not the Hero". I write about my life in a comedic way. If it isn't the least bit funny I won't share it. I've come to realize that I am the main character in my story, but I'm definitely "not the hero"

    My blog is called Rules of Life because everything I write about usually is a lesson that could be a rule to live by. I've had quite the adventure so far in my life. I plan to have more adventures, and to share them all (as long as they are funny)

    Ladies I encourage you to go look at my posts about the rules of dating. You get to see inside the mind of a guy in the dating world. (Rare I know)

    Great party AG, Where is the beer bong?

  51. What a fun idea! and I just stumbled upon two more blogs I decided to follow. I don't dare check out any more, as I alread have 150 in my reader, and I try to read and comment on all of them regularly!

    I am a whacky old retired lady (and I use the term loosely) who writes about life, the weight battle, and whatever else strikes my fancy. (Today it was Scouching....a new winter sport!)
    Humor is a big part of my existence, so be prepared to chuckle some if you pay me a visit!

  52. Frigging hell. Why am I ALWAYS the last to know?? You know i'm on the other side of the world - more notice please!! I don't mind meeting new people as long as you're not a weirdo......

  53. A PARTY!!!! I haven't been to a party in ages! My name is Crystal, I'm a mommy to an amazing one year old little boy. I've got two dogs which are chaos enough to assist the entertainment value of my new blogging hobby. And the love of my life is serving our country over in iraq right now! So....that's pretty much what my blog is about, along with random songs, books, quotes, blah blah blah :)

    Check it out at:

    Thanks bunches!

  54. What a great party! Thanks for inviting me! :) I recognize some of you, but you probably don't remember me. I'm the one who mostly stands along the wall hoping not to make a fool of myself. Well, let's see. My blog is

    and I'm still very new to all of this. I'm a stay at home wife and mom that is putting all the random dialogue in my head out there for...well whomever, I guess. (Or is it whoever?) Anyway, it's mostly odds and ends and the occasional rant. I hope you'll stop by and at least be mildly entertained by the strange thoughts about my simple life. :)

  55. Awesome idea! Just found your blog recently and its already one of my favorites. I have two blogs - one about life, family and the local goings on in our small town and the other features actual conversations that take place in the office I work in. Crap, now that I have people looking, I may need to post more regulary!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  56. Thanks for the party Average Girl! Anyone want some margaritas? I brought some homemade mac-and-cheese. Perfect for drunk eating :)

    Well this is my first blog, I started it to keep track of my 365 photography project as well as my attempts to get my college career in motion.
    I have a feeling it will develop into a blog about my random thoughts about life, love, school etc.
    I like to have fun and laugh so I hope to make my as entertaining as possible. Check it out and leave some love :)

  57. So fun!
    My blog is just ramblings about my life. I share little thoughts, memories, and things that my friends are sick of hearing me talk about. Sometimes I think I'm funny...

    I brought a bottle of wine... my teeth may look purple, but that doesn't mean I finished a bottle on my way here...

  58. Oh dear lady.....what a wonderful idea.....we all love meeting new bloggers.

    Let's see.. about myself..I'm a married woman in the autumn of my life....who blogs about whatever blows up my skirt. Just trying to figure it out before I pass on into the wild blue yonder!! (O:

    Hugs to you


  59. Am I the only hard core party-er left standing??? Pfft! Lightweights! :)

  60. Oh no I'm still partying, I'm just pretending to work at the same time. ;)

  61. LOL Alittlesprite and Cinderita! I think I need to get my hands on some of that punch! Wait, what? It's just past noon? Well maybe I'll hold off...oh who am I kidding? Lead me to the punchbowl!

  62. What a crowded freaking party with 300+ followers now! But Girl, what is this crap about putting the dishes by the damn sink? They can either put them in the dishwasher or use the fine china (read.. paper) like the rest of us. Geez, trying to be all nice about it with all of these new people. I think not! :)

    Anyway, I'm Krissy from Talkative Taurus. Stop by and hear me talk about my dog, family, and whatever else crosses my mind at the time.

    I'm always late so I hope I didn't miss all of the fun! Pouring myself a Captain now to sit back and enjoy some new reading material. Woooo hoooo! This party was an awesome idea!

  63. Beirut is awesome, totally down. I also enjoy beer pong. No one ever plays with me out on the plains though...sad.

  64. Wow, I work all night and near miss the party!! LOL I brought some cocktail weenies! Sorry, it was short notice . . . LOL

    I write about the stuff that happens in my life. Work, moving, everything is pretty much fair game!

    Now, somebody get me a Cosmo so I can RELAX. LOL

  65. ZP, you're my Beruit partner...first shot: SUNK! Your turn: SUNK! BALLS BACK!

  66. I could so go for some beer pong.

    I have to say AG, this party was a success.

  67. Nice digs. Thanks for the invite. I'm a craft-addicted hula-hooping makeup artist. My blog is

  68. Sorry about the impromptu grilled cheese and bacon sandwhiches I started making in your kitchen....I can't help it if insane amounts of vodka and flip cup make me hungry...

  69. Holy cow, this place is packed, my computer is currently being worked on so I don't have time to stay long (since I'm on a public computer), so I'll just quickly introduce myself. I promise I'll come back and meet you all once my computer gets fixed.

    I'm a 25 year old student who will try my hand at writing professionally in a year or so. My blog is an assortment of funny things that happen to me, along with some important things. I'd like to think I'm fairly entertaining and try to keep my blogs short.

  70. Best party I've been to in a long time. I have successfully blown off most of my work day which has put Friday in my sights! And I even scored a few new followers. Thanks for the invite!

  71. I guess they didn't like the bing drinking, cake and wienies? Who the hell doesn't like cake? Oh well, more for the rest of us!

    And I think I saw OT doing the panties thing. You knew someone was going to because you forbid it!

  72. Oops... Bing drinking? How about binge drinking. LOL

  73. Hell yeah UD! Hey DJ, flip this tune on for the dance music:

    I can see the heads bopping already! Enjoy :-P

  74. @LS Infected Mushroom is the shiz. Good choice for tuneage.

  75. Think I forgot this - looking forward to meeting you


  76. What's funny is when AG comes back and looks at her comment inbox, she's gonna have a stroke at how many people showed up to the party. I wouldn't want to be the one to clean up.

  77. Awh!! I love this idea!! And, I'm sorry I'm a day or two late to the party.

    I write about whatever happens to cross my mind. Lots and lots of randomness!!!

  78. I'm quite late to this...but a party, what better to procrastinate with in college?! bring it on...

    I've been through a couple blog sites and been unsuccessful. But I will prevail on blogspot! I originally started a blog for a class last semester and wanted to continue it this semester. I wanted to continue my 365 Project, and failed. So now I just post thoughts, photos, videos, music, whatever I'm loving at the moment, and think that YOU might love TOO! Stop by and take a look some time. :)


  79. WOW, this was awesome, the comments are endless :) I'm about half-way through all the links :) Thanks AG!!

  80. Hey it's it party! Cool.

    I have two blogs.
    and .

    Yummy stuff is my recipe blog. There are a few food related articles but mostly recipes of whatever I wanted to make.

    Welcome to Me is my blog of whatever just pops into my head. It might be something I saw on TV or it could be some random thought that popped in there.

    I hope there's cake left. It's lunch time. I could go for some cake.

  81. Wow, what a great idea! Oh and lovely underwear by the way...Oops! :-)


    As the title suggests, my blog has content from many sources. Being a professional nerd, there is a strong techy vibe here but my interests are varied and some will hopefully be of interest to the non-tech also.

  82. Damn! Late again! I missed the party! Maybe I can round up a few stragglers that are laying out in the lawn to help me drink up a few red dogs!

    My blog is mostly about the family and shit we do. Kids, animals and life in rural america can be a crazy mix occasionally.

  83. Kellie, you never miss the party around here. Stick around. :) Plus, it's Friday now, and the bar is open yet again!

  84. The wallflower has arrived. :oP

    In Search of the Road Less Traveled

    Most of the time I'm an on again/off again blogger - meaning I don't have a set schedule. I'm working on a 365 Photography project right now, so those photos are currently being posted on my blog daily. Otherwise, I use the space to muse about past and future travels, and generally discuss observations on life.

    Cheers, all!

  85. OH thank God. I've got this bottle of vodka and nobody wants to party tonight! Hooray hooray hooray the party is still on here! Yippee!!! Okay, Yellocoyote..wall flower? What? come here and have a shot! Seriously! I was just over at Jess' place as she had more booze. she's got some cool digs over there. Although she doesn't seem to be home much. Now I know why. She's here! *hic*..okay..anybody got any lime?

  86. So it is Saturday morning and the party started on what, Wednesday? Am I fashionably late or just a social misfit?
    I love this idea and I am thinking about steeling it, because hey, who doesn't want 90+ comments?
    My name is Georgina Dollface. I blog about my life, do a few doodles, make fun of myself and generally just like to have fun. I'm 3-foot-7, which makes it really hard for me to take myself too seriously sometimes. So I just go with the flow and laugh a lot. I also have great blog readers who leave awesome comments.

    Come by and say Hi if you like. I am at:

    Cheers! - G

  87. Hmmmm here I am. Days late and dollars short. Typical of me!

    I have two blogs the first is just my day to day life with 3 sons, a husband, a menagerie of pets and job that I have a love/hate relationship with. Check it out at

    My other blog is sort of a running jounal. You know that sport that is punishment in all other sports? Yeah I'm kinda of freak like that and actually enjoy it. Crazy! I know! You can find it here:

    Pop in say hi, stay for a while. Be sure to let me know where I can find you!

    Now if you don't mind I'm going to go and check you all out!

    Peace out!

  88. Wow! I can't believe I missed the party. I alway seem to be a day late and a dollar short. Oh well, I am excited to go back and look at all the party people that I missed. Great idea!

  89. Wow I'm soooooo late for the party, but I'm still on Mexican time here in Canada.
    Tracy, you sure know how to to trough a party. Did you read that in the little PINK book?
    I just stopped in to say hi. My blog isn't that earth shattering really. I blog for me, a record of my life with family friends and my fur babies. I love to smile, have fun and absorb life.
    Have a pain free day today Tracy girl.
    Love you
    Love me

  90. That would be THROW A PARTY... sorry

  91. Nice and friendly party!

    My blog is generally random rambling about life and some crazy thoughts of mine.
    It is Chinese New Year on 3 Feb 2011.
    Hopefully my decor cheer up your party!

    I may be late, but it is the heart that matters. Have a nice day!


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