Monday, January 17, 2011


As I sit staring out my window once again, the beauty of the vibrant blue sky and the warmth of the glowing sun casts lovely shadows on the old gothic doors of the church across the street.  People are leisurely strolling and you can see them stretch their heads towards the sky in an attempt to feel the warmth above.  Their smiles are broad and their laughter is sweet and I am counting down the minutes when I can join playing amongst them. I am even squinting in my tiny little work space as the light is that delightfully bright.

I saw a glimpse of the spring robin today, early to say the least, but I was happy to see her nonetheless as she reminds me that my favourite season is coming forth.  The bulbs too have forgotten that we are still deeply snug in old Man Winter's grasp as they stubbornly push thru the frozen ground reminding us that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature’s desires.

A gentle wind is picking up and I see the beautiful locks of others dancing around their faces.  Oh how I love that feeling of being kissed so sweetly by a winter wind.

I worry that Mother Nature is teasing me, setting me up like last year, coming early with her beauty and warmth to pull it away for another several months.  She can be cruel like that at times.  But I forgive her because she supplies me with an endless feast for my eyes and I am unable to express how something as simple as a ladybug on a wild daisy can set my heart aflutter.  She gives me passion and compassion and sets my soul on fire where others have failed.

And while she gives her gift of beauty, I must also acknowledge that she is both relentless and unforgiving in her moody ways.  But when it is all said and done, she puts on a show like no others and she always leaves me wanting more.

She grounds me and connects me, and with a simple flower opening in full blossom, she fills me.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. I do think Mother Nature is teasing you. It's way too early for spring.

  2. LOL... you are so right Eva... she is just messing with me!

  3. A robin? Yeah, that poor bird is in for a shock! I don't think we'll see any of those around here for at least 2 more months.

    In fact we're expecting temps over night to get down to about -8 degrees tonight. That's Fahrenheit people.


  4. You have a wonderful way with words sweetie :)


  5. A little freezing rain for us tonight. It's hovering around freezing. I'd rather just have the snow.

  6. I don't think Mother Nature would tease you on purpose. The sun was glorious today..and I enjoyed it for what it was...a beautiful moment of sunshine on a winter day. The fact that you saw a that means something. :=)

  7. a beautiful day of sunshine .... we live in the best place ... spring is just around the bend

    :) L

  8. i love spring and am impatiently waiting for it! i love cold weather but i can't stand that it gets dark so early and that just makes everything dreary! i need sunlight!!! :)

  9. ooh, I know exactly what u mean. I like the way that u described it :) my mind's eye is right there with you.


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