Saturday, April 17, 2010


I love my little neighbourhood I live in.... full of the most wonderful people you will ever meet and I am sorry to say that our home is up for sale while we look for greener pastures, if that is even possible.... Today I watched a lady spend over an hour in my home (of course I was spying from my car down was spying from my car down the road) and all I could think of was to yell "GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT". Although that could have been related to the fact that I seriously had to go the bathroom and good gawd why was she standing there looking at my heat pump for over 15 minutes! It's just a bloody heat pump! Anyway,  a little bit later on in the day, my door bell rang, and it was a retired police officer who really loved our little home and was quite interested.  I got into my spiel about all the cool things, like our front door and our wrap around porch and our hardwood floors all coming from the property.  I saw the glint in his eye and I instantly regretted saying anything!   To top it off, he started telling me where he would like to put his hot tub and what he would move around in our yard.... I smiled at him, but in all honestly, I was visualizing booting his ass out of my yard...!  A half hour later and another car drove up and sat out front and looked over my home from top to bottom.  I thought about standing on my coffee table by the window and mooning them, but I might have freaked out my neighbours across the street, so I refrained.  Why is it that a house becomes more than just a house.... I love that it is the first home that we built together.... I love the fact that we were only together just a year and half when we took on this monumental stressful task of building a home, I love that our relationship survived the build, I love that it was in this neighbourhood that we found our pooch, I love that when there was only 4 homes in the entire subdivision, we all looked after each other, I love that I can sit outside any time of the day and my neighbours will mosey over and sit down beside me and we will chat for hours, I love that my neighbour's cat thinks that our house is her second home, I love that I know everybody's first name and I love that I know every pet by name in the entire neighbourhood and that they all come to me when I call them... *insert deep sigh here*...  I know, its just a house but it is really like your first love so very hard to let go of... and your neighbours really do become an extension of your family.  Oh well, such is life... Don't mind me tonight, i'm just a tad sentimental...

Until Next Time.
Good night and Sweet Dreams  xxoo

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