Monday, April 26, 2010


I got to thinking the other day about general etiquette which I believe is a topic that should not be lightly dismissed.

Take for example when I first started dating my better half.  His manners were impeccable.  So gentlemanly was he that I was overwhelmed by his respectfulness towards me.  Now don’t get me wrong, he is without a doubt a complete gentleman in most aspects of our life.  He would be the first to hold a door open for you, pull out a chair, serve you food first, open a car door etc. I really admire and adore that part of his persona.  Unfortunately, there is a grey area, or better yet a stenchy area, that he is lacking some serious manner-tudes in and I remember exactly when and where this particular manner went astray.

It was about eight months into dating and we were going for a walk thru the town I grew up.  I had taken him to my old elementary school and as we were walking down the grassy hill towards my high school, he just let one rip.  And this was just not any old flatulence.  It was the exact moment the flood gates opened. I stood there in complete shock as he giggled like a ten year old boy!  I actually blame myself because I started to laugh at him giggling.  Well that just seemed to be an open invitation for my butt burner of a better half, because the next hour ended up being a series of nose penetrating, objectionable patoot thunder that left an unfortunate imprint on me for these last 7 years.

When you think about it, his minor gaseous offences, are nothing but a blip compared to other people. I have run into so many people in the last 10 years that are seriously lacking in socially correct behaviour and I often wonder what happened to general every day manners?  I personally still hold doors open for seniors to go before me.  I always stop and let people pass on crosswalks.  I would be the first to let you stand in front of me at the grocery aisle if you only had a few items and I had several.  But I am starting to lose my own proprieties of conduct.  Seniors, as well as other individuals, no longer say thank you when you hold the door open, people step right out in front of you when you are driving, and if you don’t let that person behind you with a few items go first, then you are stuck listening to them deep sigh for the entire time you are purchasing your items.

I am coming to believe that this must be a North American thing.  I have a few people on my facebook that are from some European countries and their politeness astounds me.  So I wonder to myself: when did we come to the conclusion that rudeness was an acceptable part of our society?

There are days now, specifically when I am cranky, when I open doors for someone elderly and as they walk thru I say quite loudly “YOU’RE WELCOME.”  It usually startles them and they get flustered and embarrassed and I feel thoroughly satisfied with the fact that I exacted a little revenge on them for their deplorable manners.  Although the fact that I exacted a little revenge says to me that my manners maybe deplorable as well.  However, I did have some 80 year old once turn around and look me in the eye and say “nobody asked you to hold it open for me dear.” She was right you know.  Nobody did.  I suppose if I am expecting something for being thoughtful, I should maybe change careers and open doors for living, then at least I would be paid for it.

I should of course mention that within my own household I am no angel and that I take it for granted that I can be free and easy with my own personal etiquette, per se.  And I probably could do with a lesson or two on the fact that “flatulent humour” is not the only thing worth laughing about. 

In the meantime and while I am out and about in public, I am still going to hold on tightly to my own manners.  I have to believe that I will hopefully rub off on someone, of course, it will be highly doubtful that it will be that person who flipped me the bird in the crosswalk the other day, but I can hope!

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches.


  1. Happy you found more to Blog and happy chivalry is not dead. Just after I moved to Calgary and ordered something in a restaurant with a 'May I please have..." and a "Thankyou.' The server asked "Where are you from?" "You are so polite." I too hear myself now saying the "You're Welcome" to people who never offer a "Thankyou." Please keep up the manners and hopefully they will rub off. Now do I really have to give a "Thankyou Wave" to people who so graciously go out of their way to stop at a STOP sign to let me cross the street?!

  2. I have wondered so many times myself what has happened to manners in the 21st century. Young people these days have deplorable manners. As you point out, seniors either have just lost their manners or maybe it's because they've lost their minds. Senoirs seem to think they are owed the open doors, the good parking spots...blah blah blah. It was the lack of manners in my best friend's husband that started the strain in our friendship...we are no longer friends, sadly now hardly distant aquaintences. I'd like to be hopeful about manners and the future but sometimes it's really hard.

  3. you've got to give props to the old lady... she gave it back to you and called you dear while she did it... :-0))


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