Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hello Monday..... and so begins another work week for those of us who do the Monday thru Friday, 9 to 5 daily grind!  I'm certainly not knocking my job, but I often wonder how the work week can drag on and on but when Friday comes, watch out, you blink once and the weekend is over and you are back to the beginning of another tedious work week.

When I was a kidlet, I use to love Sunday evenings.  It was pretty much the only night of the week where I actually got to watch what I wanted.  Which in most cases was the The Wonderful World of Disney.  I, however, dreaded when hockey season came because Hockey Night in Canada would unfortunately trump Disney.  Those were in the good old days when you had one tv room, namely your living room (there was no such thing as a family room) and your father had the dubious distinction of being the boss over the tv channels.  Remember when you actually had to get up and walk over to your tv and change the channel manually?

I have to say that to this day, I absolutely dread Hockey Night in Canada, and I have probably offended at least 9 of my 10 followers with that statement.  But as a little girl, there was nothing worse than watching hockey ever freaking night on tv and then being dragged to every practice and game of your brother's.  As soon as I was on my own, I never watched it again!  It was the most liberated I had ever felt.  My own tv and my own choice in channels.  It didn't seem to matter to me that the first 3 years I was on my own, I couldn't afford cable.  So I used my tv as a beautiful plant stand.  It was just the fact that it was my tv and my decision.

As I have gotten older, I have to admit that I have become a bit of a remote control hog.  I often sit my patooty down beside my better half and just instinctively grab the remote out of his hand and start flipping channels until I find something that piques my interest.  Thank gawd he is so good natured, because if he did that to me, most likely I would smack him in the back of the head and take the remote back from him.  Don't feel too bad for him though.  He has that annoying habit of surfing between the commercials and by the time he gets back to the original channel, we have usually missed an important part of the show.  I suppose that is his revenge with me.  Tic for Tac, as my mother would say!

I guess its about that time now..... Gotta go downstairs and yank the remote from his hand!  Oh don't roll your eyes, it's Amazing Race night!  In the meantime, I hope this week goes smoothly for everyone!  I certainly will be doing my great big Monday morning sigh tomorrow and blinking as much as possible in the hopes I will land on Friday fairly quickly!

Until Next time
Smooches Pooches

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