Friday, April 23, 2010


This week has been draining.  I am tired and uninspired and reaching deep into myself for something to blog about has been next to impossible.

Not too mention that I found a stinking white hair in my eyebrow.  Really, a white hair people, in my eyebrow!  And you know what happens next, with one comes fifty more and before you know it, I am going to be in a rocking chair, sporting a foo man chu moustache, wearing some gawd awful printed little house on the prairies dress, with support stockings while wearing depends on my head instead of my bottom, in an old folks home, playing with my dentures......

That little white hair got me to thinking that maybe it was time to re-evaluate what it is that I want to accomplish in life. So I have decided to make a life list of the things that I wish to do before they open those pearly gates to let me in and I am sharing them with you in the hopes that you will help kick my rooty toot butt into gear and get me going on it.

Here they are in no particular order:
  • Go to Italy (okay I lied, this is my number 1 thing to do!)
  • Learn to play the acoustic guitar (I was subjected to five painful years of playing the Organ with a teacher who did not believe in using deodorant and let me tell you something, no child should EVER be subjected to that!  So I am ever so slightly scarred when it comes musical instruments)
  • Get my motorcycle licence (hey!!! I can do that, my mother did it at 50... she's such a rockstar!)
  • Speak another language (specifically a language that doesn’t involve rolling your “R’s”... hard as I try, I cannot get my tongue to roll that way)
  • Star in a made for tv movie (even if I only play the corpse!)  Yes I realize that this maybe a delusional wish, but its my wish damn it! 
  • Learn to sing.  (It doesn’t do much for your confidence when people constantly plug their ears every time you bark out a tune).
  • Design and have made a very cool piece of jewelry (I think I could be very good at this one.  I have lots of retail therapy to back me up.).
  • Become a mixed media artist (yup, just give me a canvass, some paint and some paper and I will chuck it all on and voila, I will be done);
  • Really learn the ins and outs of gardening (I tend to wing it with sad pathetic results).
  • Go to France, Spain, PEI and Belize (okay I would like to travel more than I have in the last 10 years.  It doesn’t help that I suck at planning).
  • Drive a speed boat (I have a serious need for speed issue).
  • Try pottery (I want my experience to be just like Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost....... I can see it now and I am liking it!).
  • Write a children’s book (a short, rhyming one based on my adorable loveable little pooch).
  • Go for a session of past life regression therapy (yes bizarre, I know, but what the heck).
The last couple I can’t share because they are just too personal to throw out into cyber space and best locked away in confines of my crazy mind.  But they have to do with some personal growth and I can say, that I pretty much work at those daily, so they are well on their way to being accomplished.

In the meantime, for those of you hitting this blog via facebook, I would love it if you would share one of your things to do on your life list with me and for those of you coming from wherever, please feel free to leave a comment because hey, your life list will most likely inspire me and maybe someone else.

In the meantime, I am going to set up a wooden table, slap some mud on it, whip my better half’s shirt off and role play us some Demi and Patrick tonight!  Here’s hoping that you get to check something off your life list this weekend too!

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches.

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