Thursday, April 8, 2010


Did you know that I long to be a gypsy, with bare feet, long black-as-night hair, with a flowing skirt and funky fringed shawl dancing wildly around a fire casting magic potions.  Other times, I long to be Maria from the Sound of Music, on top of a mountain swinging around in a circle with arms open wide, except in my version I am naked and there is definitely no helicopter circling above me with a camera crew filming my body swinging to and fro.  It's just me, my bare naked butt, a few woodly creatures and the blue sky above.  Although, come to think about it, I think probably I would be sporting some running shoes, nothing worse than twirling in a circle while your naked and stepping on something sharp, falling on the ground and getting a rock size wedgie.......  Hmmmmm *Pause for thought*, awww yes what is today's blog about... Spring.  It's about Spring!  Fresh air, blue skies, white pillowy clouds, robins singing their songs and the blossoms bursting forth in beautiful bloom.  Corny as it may seem, these are the things that rock my world.  I would be utterly content living my life on a big beautiful veranda, sitting on my porch swing watching the comings and goings of Spring.  I feel renewed and alive and I long to do many many things.  I long to sit and observe, to pack my bags and take off to other lands, to stretch my face to the sun, to dance under the stars, but most of all, I long to retain the memories of how these moments make me feel... Fresh and happy, I have got to believe that I would have made an amazing artist as I have been blessed with the ability to see the beauty in so many things that most people take for granted.   I am a romantic at heart.  Luckily, the people closest to me indulge my romanticism.  I once dragged my better half outside where I made him dance with me for 15 minutes in the dark, in the middle of our yard under the stars.  This was no small feat as he absolutely detests dancing, and to do it in such a public place, was so against his grain.  But he loves me and therefore indulges me.

Yes I am blessed, I am crazy and I know it, and nobody I know who really loves me, tries to change me.  I hope that you are feeling a small part of what I am feeling today, and that your day is amazing and that the sunshine pouring down from the sky lands on your shoulder and makes you happy too!   That of course, will be me that you will see twirling in the middle of my yard, albeit not naked (I don't want to blind my neighbours), but nonetheless twirling like I have never twirled before.  Because life is to precious to not be appreciated.  Have a lovely day to my 9 followers and to anyone else who stumbles across my weird little blog.

Until Next Time
Smooches Pooches


  1. It is so wonderful that you were able to just enjoy the moment and take the time to appreciate all that is good and beautiful. And being thoroughly content in completely being yourself is a good and beautiful trait to be admired.

  2. That is very kind and sweet of you to say.. thank you so much! (even though I know you are thinking "she is one crazy chick and why did I sign up on her blog!!!")... xxoo


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