Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Part of my holidays became the great game of "Where's Waldo"... or better known as "Where's Terry David Mulligan?"

For those of you who grew up in Canada, and specifically in the 1980's, you will remember Terry David Mulligan as one of the VJ's from Much Music and Good Rockin Tonight.  Since then, he has been a very busy man with the bio to prove it. From hosting many radio shows, too many stints on the small screen and including shows like, Stargate SG-1, The Commish, X-Files and 21 Jump Street, just to name a few.  Currently, he hosts a radio talk show called the Tasting Room and a TV show with Jason Priestley called Hollywood and Vines.

So imagine mine and my better half's surprise when we found out that right across the street from our lovely B & B, was this very sweet, unassuming home owned by Terry David Mulligan and his lovely wife, Meg.

Of course, being the crazy person I am, I sucked my better half, for the majority of our trip, into a goofy game of trying to spot Terry David Mulligan (who became affectionately known to us as "TDM").  Who could imagine that our entire trip would be based on trying to spot him.  It was nothing short of looking for a needle in a haystack.

We saw people visit him, we saw his car leave, we saw what we believe was his leg, his arm and part of his torso bent over.  We were even lucky enough to have his dog run up to our car (by the way Terry David Mulligan, your dog wanted to get into our car, but we redirected the sweet pooch back to your home), but did we actually see Terry David Mulligan face to face? Nooooooo. Not even an eyeball, a nose or a hair on his chinny chin chin.

"How could this be?" we kept asking ourselves.  Our B & B was on the side of a mountain with clear, unobstructed views to his yard, to his vehicle and to the entrance to his home.  But he was a sneaky and sly fella and it came to the point that we didn't believe our hosts that he actually lived there.  Luckily, they were able to back up their claims with a lovely pic of him and their dog, Diesel.

It got to the point that every time we drove by his place, we would both shout out the window in unison: HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO TERRY DAVID MULLIGAN and when we came back, we would say: WELL HELLOOOOOOOO TERRY DAVID MULLIGAN AGAIN.

Sadly, our lovely unified dulcet tones could not entice him to even look out the window to see who was singing his name.  Which got me to thinking that if you were Terry David Mulligan and you kept hearing: HELLOOOOOO TERRY DAVID MULLIGAN, would you not come out of your house to find where that was coming from?  I mean after 6 days, you would have thought that curiosity would have gotten the better of him.  

I came to the conclusion that I would never have a career as paparazzi nor even as a part time stalker, and it seemed that I sucked in trying to actually see the face of Terry David Mulligan.  Which maybe is a good thing, as my past experience with celebrities have been nothing short of embarrassing. To make the point clear, I was once sitting in a cafe in Victoria, British Columbia, when John Travolta walked around the corner and came up and asked me how the food was.  I stood up and pointed at him and screamed at the top of my lung "IT'S JOHN TRAVOLTA, IT'S JOHN TRAVOLTA".  He bolted, the chef came out and scolded me, people laughed, I slithered away.  For the record, what is John Travolta thinking coming up and asking me how the food is anyways.  I realize I am Canadian and I have been stereotyped into this category of being polite and less star struck than my American counter parts,  but I have to tell you, that's a lot of horse pucky!

Sorry, I digress.... 

Finally, our last day of our lovely trip came and we were ever so slightly stoked as we were sure that we would see Terry David Mulligan.  I mean, hello, isn't that how it happens in a movie, you don't get what you want all the way thru and then the fates grant you your wish two minutes before the ending.

So primed and ready and eating delicious banana bread provided by our lovely hosts, we were in our car slowly making our way past Terry David Mulligan's house, WHEN   WE   SAW   ......... absolutely freaking nothing.

And what were our last words, as we drove past his house:


Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. You're such a nut!!! that was funny!

    keep writing for us Tracy :)

  3. TDM and I go waaaaaaaay back.

    I went to a teen dance in Nanaimo where TDM was the MC. He made his entrance into the party in a red Lamborgini. I'm pretty sure that was about 10 years ago since I'm just 26 *insert nose growth here*

    Then, during college life in Vancouver, I was walking backwards on Robson Street while talking to my friends who were walking forwards when I bump smack dab into TDM who was holding a microphone, in front of the camera, shooting one show or another. I apologized but it was still kind of an "oh sh*t" moment but it was my moment.

    Oh, in case you're wondering, my 7 seconds of fame sadly ended up on the cutting room floor.

  4. You know..if you'd just come down the hill..walked up to the porch and KNOCKED ON THE DOOR..we could have had a great time.. should know that I was walking up the hill about an hour after you left..and figured out that I had missed you.
    I saw your car though..
    Next time perhaps??

  5. HA!!! TOLD YOU!! That is what I like to call..RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!!!

  6. Well silly me, I will just have to remember to knock on the door next time. I mean what was I thinking!!! ha ha ha

  7. OMG! This is the most fun blog post I have EVER read - anywhere!! The back of my head hurts from smiling and laughing and I'm so freakin' pumped that "TDM" actually responded!! That's so awesome! And, honestly, what on earth did John Travolta expect? LMAO!!! Tracy you make my day... lots! I'm going to have to put a link to your blog on my facebook page... You should NOT be a 'well-kept-secret'.

  8. Sorry, forgot one point... I LOOOOVE the diasy photo. They are so perfect for the title 'An Average Life'. You might have to keep that one??

  9. Ok... so it's me AGAIN... sorry... But I just did a facebook post about your blog with a link to this story. Thought I'd share that so everyone else can go... "Hey! Great idea! I think I'll do that too!"

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