Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I think my blog needs an overhaul!  Wouldn't you agree?  I am kind of all over the place in where my thoughts patterns are and I differ from one day to the next, might be the Gemini in me, who knows, one thing for sure is that my blog follows much the way my brain works.  I have never been a girl for structure.  So this will be a whole new thing for me.

I have decided to make my blog a THEME BLOG.... why, I have no idea, but I am taking my cue from a fellow friend and blogger who has a theme on Thursdays.  But I thought, why stop there, why not make most of the week a Theme.  So here it goes... Starting next Monday, my blog will follow the same pattern weekly:

  • Monday Musings - This will be the day that I hope to post pictures and thoughts of things that touch my heart.  Expect many photos of jars of pickles, any blue objects, my pooch, maybe my better half's cute tushie (of course, I will have to check with him on that one), perhaps my mother (althought she will object I am sure), flowers, skies, birds, maybe my nostril (or maybe not).  Or maybe it will be a poem that I proudly thought of like, there once was a guy from Nantucket... oh wait, I think that was on a bathroom wall in a gas station, never mind.  I'm sure it will be inspiring, and if not, well I apologize now for those minutes of your life you lost and that you can't get back by reading my blog.
  • Humpback Wednesday - midweek blues, most likely I will gripe and groan and complain about the obscurities of the world, or I might talk about how I survived the week, or I may not talk at all. That's right, my blog may be just a series of "..." followed by more "...", in the alternative, I may just blog about something that tickles my fancy, such as my better half's cute tushie, or my pooch's cute tushie, or pickles.. You see where this is going!
  • Thursday Toots - Oh I am looking forward to this day, this is all going to be about getting older as a woman.  That's right girls, I am going to whine and complain about wrinkly toes, to hair in my nose, to having to wear panty hose.  The sky's the limit and everything is up for grabs.  So get your popcorn ready and cozy up because you are going to get to know me more than you ever wished!!!
  • Fabulous Friday - This day is totally reserved for things that make me want to jump around my house and sing at the top of my lungs and kiss everyone I meet.  In other words, if it makes me happy, I am blogging about it!

As for the rest of the days in between, well some of them will be days I link up to other blogs to show off my photos or maybe I will just rest and wrestle my 17 pounder pooch, or maybe I will hang out on your blog and see what crazy wonderful things you have been up too, but in any event, thank you my 45 followers for sticking around.  I think this is going to be fun and if it is not, well what the heck, its my crazy blog and I can go back to my previous way of blogging, which may not be working since I have only garnered 45 followers.  But you 45 followers rock nonetheless!

By the way, my closest family member think this is hilarious and are laying bets on whether I can keep to this structured blog... Hmmmmm........ The gauntlet has been thrown down!

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches!!!!!!


  1. I can't wait till the Thursday Toots. lol...

    Hey, you only have 45 followers showing. You don't know how many are private that you don't even know about. You don't get to almost 10000 hits without having more than 45 followers...

  2. can't wait till Thursday
    keep writing i have save so much money not buying bookS now that you have your blog hehehehe
    xoxoxoxoxo L

  3. Whatever you decide to do, structured, non-structured, pictures, no pictures, words, not so many words- I'll be here feeling privileged to see a bit of you and your world!

  4. Oh, I had started to do a 'thoughtless Thursday', but too many meanings for that...don't want to step on toes!

  5. Oh Deborah do it, thoughtless Thursday.. I love that idea!!!

    Well, strap on your seatbelt girlies, it's going to be a bumpy ride! LOL

  6. I like "Thoughtless Thursday" too! And your themes too! I have to confess though... The title of the post 'scared' (ok, too strong a word... but work with me) If there's any English majors out there - just look away! ..,. Where was I? Right... I was worried you would change it too much and instinctively thought, "OMG, what if she changes the things I love about it??!!" So, I was relieved to see it's themes... I love the look and layout, etc. And I SO look forward to seeing where you take it... and if those friends and family are gonna get to 'keep laughing' - Either way, I know it'll be fun!

  7. Awww... thanks Tamara... It will probably be actually the same except I will stick certain posts on certain days... so much for structure.. lol

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